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Archive for March, 2012

where to begin…

Even though I’ve written several scripts, I don’t think of myself as a writer. That said, I’ve developed some tools to help the aspiring screenwriter get started on their masterpiece. :D

Think of the kind of movies that you like to go see. Do you like comedies, drama’s, sci-fi, westerns? What films do you find the most entertaining? What kind of a film could you see yourself writing? Write down some of your favorite movies on a piece of paper.

Where does your film take place? And when? If you’re not sure, think about possible places and times that you find interesting. The international space station? NYC? The Ganges river basin? Write it down!

Next, and this may seem irrelevant but trust me, think about things that you personally want out of life. Do you have a dream job that you want? Do you want more respect from people? Do you want a better sex life? Write down as many things that you can think of, and be completely honest with yourself becasue no one else is going to read this!

Now think of things that scare you. Are you afraid that you’ll never get out of debt? Do you fear death? Are you afraid to be alone? Pour your heart out on the paper, really think about it.

At this point we already have a good amount of information about your movie.

You know what genre your film is, and you know where the film takes place. You also have a huge list of fears and desires that your characters can have. Most people are too scared or principled to write characters that reflect themselves; but from my experience, the process moves a lot smoother when I can relate to the people I’m writing about. By examining yourself you will awaken insight into characters that you may want to create. The best characters out there are rooted in very real desires and fears, use yours!

Download and print off this character profile sheet. It asks a ton of questions, which will help you get a better understanding of who your characters are.


After the first 2 weeks of initial excitement, I’m continuing to push forward. I’ve had an oppurtunity to bring Game Changers directly to gamers. I’m making friends over in the MLG forums and was able to get on some popular gaming podcasts. The Starcast, and the Drunken Halo podcast were nice enough to have me on. This week I will be on Podtacular and I just got confirmation from pro gamer Gandi that I will be appearing on the Halo Council, a popular show on the twitchTV network.

I’m also talking with Kanen Flowers from That Post Show. I will be making an appearence with friend and Associate Producer of Game Changers, Philip Bloom.

I want to thank everyone for their help over the first two weeks of our campaign. Keep spreading the word, I know we can hit our goal!

Naded on board

Over the last week I’ve been reaching out to the gaming community. Game Changers is about professional gamers, so it makes sense for me to appeal to that audience. I made contact with pro gamer Brett Leonard, who is more commonly known in the Halo community as “Naded“. Brett has been gaming professionally for over 7 years and has been a part of several historic Major League Gaming (MLG) teams. He and I spoke on the phone about Game Changers, his life as a professional gamer, and the possibility of working together on the film.

There are 2 scenes in Game Changers that take place at an MLG event. I wasn’t sure if I could get actual pro’s to make cameos in these scenes, but Brett said he’d be interested in making a cameo in the film. Having pro’s in the film isn’t a necessity, but I want to go that extra mile for fans of MLG and pro gaming. I know that I would appreciate it if I saw it, so I’m really excited to have Brett involved.

For me, it’s also very important to keep the vernacular of the film true. The problem is, I don’t know all the lingo. If a character say “One shot our dick rock” or “Sniping our pee shooter from ring two”, I need to make sure it makes sense to gamers. So Brett has agreed to be my liaison into the world of pro gaming, making sure that my dialogue is relevant and true.

You can find Naded online here: