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Archive for April, 2012

Telethon wrap up, Death Wing Challenge

In 1 day we managed to double our donations ending the campaign at $12,335. I want to thank everyone who participated in the telethon, the people who donated and the friends who came by to participate in the Dr. Mario Death Wing Challenge.

The rules were simple, five players each had four chances to beat my girlfriend, Holly Rounseville, at Dr. Mario. The person who lost the most games would be forced to eat the hottest chicken wing in Buffalo, the Death Wing, live during the broadcast.

So after an hour and a half and twenty straight games of Dr. Mario, nobody was able to beat my girlfriend! This sucked, I was positive that I wouldn’t have to eat one, I am particularly sensitive to hot sauce…

So now that the telethon is completed I’m shifting my focus. I’m putting the finishing touches on the script so that we can prepare for casting in June, and principle photography in August. Wish us luck!

Telethon Interview Schedule – today’s the day!

the Game Changers Telethon – Saturday April 21st

We had a very strong start to the campaign, but things have slowed down over the last couple of weeks. I haven’t been spamming my project because I respect people’s twitter feeds and facebook timelines. That said,… we’re less than 2 weeks away from the close of our fundraising campaign. So you may see more tweets and posts as our campaign comes to an end.

We’re going out on a high note!

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing hours of interviews and videos that will be broadcast live on Saturday April 21st at Noon EST. I will touch on every aspect of film production during the telethon, and I managed to snag interviews with Nino Leitner, Benjamin Eckstein, Rob Bessette, Jon Connor and Cristina Valdivieso, Darren Fung, Jacob Albarella, Paul Panfalone, Michael Schmidt and Ian Albinson. These video interviews have all been pre-recorded and are ready to go.

We’re also going to have a bunch of live elements during the broadcast. I’ll be sharing some of my work and I’m going to be improvising musical thank you songs for people who donate during the telethon. We’ve also got a secret live event called the Dr. Mario Deathwing Challenge! ;)

Lastly, I’m headed to NAB next week and I’ll be shooting video from the show floor, at the RED user party, the Supermeet, the Timescapes premiere and the Kessler Party! I’ll have my work cut out for me editing all of that footage together when I get back, but it’ll be cool to share my NAB experience with everyone.

So make sure to stop back on April 21st at Noon EST for hours of insightful, silly, fun! :P

Local Promotions

I’ve been super busy conducting interviews for my 10 hour Game Changers telethon on April 21st. It’s going to be a fun, silly, informative, and entertaining telethon. I’ll post more about it soon.

I’ve also been busy appearing on podcasts to promote the film. I had a great time talking with Kanen Flowers, Scott Simmons and Steve Cohen on That Post Show, and I’m going to be on the Digital Production Buzz and the Halo Council soon.

All that aside, I’ve been working hard on a press release and prepping for local promotions, which go live tomorrow. I’m hitting up a bunch of news stations, magazines, radio stations and news papers. I’ll also be placing palm flyers at local businesss, restaurants and movie theaters. I want to do everything I can to promote the film both locally and online.

A quick shout out to a California based printing company named Got Print. They ship anywhere in the world and were substantially cheaper and faster than any of the local printers I spoke with. I got 2,500, four by six inch, double sided, color flyers for only $74, which is wicked cheap!

Thanks Brian Bernys and Jacob Albarella for posing in these character shots.