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Archive for June, 2012

Open Auditions – June 23rd and 24th

Casting for Game Changers will take place on June 23rd and 24th at the Buffalo East theater. If you would like to audition you must email and we will give you an audition time.

Character descriptions

Scott, Bryan, Kim and Natalie all work at an IT company named Techscape.

Scott: An ex-professional gamer. He is a funny guy that everyone seems to like, however he gets very nervous around women. He is buried in student loans and takes his job at Techscape seriously.

Bryan: An ex-professional gamer that will do anything to reclaim his gaming glory. He is a quick witted, articulate, natural born leader. Bryan lives and works with Scott. He is the head of the Service department at Techscape.

Kim: A smart, cool, indy chic who enjoys taking photographs and playing vintage video games. She is the new girl at work who takes a liking to Scott.

Jake: A tall, arrogant and handsome guy. His looks and professional attire compensate for how cheesy he can be.

Natalie: A slender, flirtatious women. Her poor judgement gets her into to trouble. She is friends with Kim and head of the Sales department at Techscape.

Mr. Sanders: Mr. Sanders is the owner of Techscape. He is a kind and shrewd businessman. He is Bryan’s father.

Gus: a friend of Alan’s, he is often playing games with the guys. He admires Bryan because of his gaming accomplishments.

Alan: a work friend of Scott’s. He often comes over to the house to play games with Scott and Bryan.