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Archive for July, 2012


Hi there, it’s been a while :D We’ve been very busy casting, location scouting, re-writing, scheduling and doing a million other things. Next time I’m definitely hiring a line producer!

I’ve been re-writing almost every night for the last month. I’m a perfectionist, so I make alot of changes. This is the second film I have written by myself and I’m getting better, but I would never go out of my way to call myself a writer. I’m lucky to have cast talented actors who will make my script shine. It was inspiring to see my words come to life during the auditions.

I want to thank Justin Karcher and the management of Buffalo East for hosting our auditions. The space worked perfectly and I am very grateful.

Most casting director’s will make an actor wait in a small room outside of the audition space for a long time. Eventually they’ll be called in to do a cold read for an ominous group of people who are all trying to hide behind a mini DV camera. Then the actor leaves and has no idea how they did or where they stand.

I think this process sucks!

Several years ago I was lucky enough to host an audition with Tony Pastor Jr. Tony is a talented and experienced television director who works for Hanna-Barbera. He ran his auditions in a very unconventional manner. Tony invited all of the actors into a large room and freely mixed and matched them as he wanted. He had them read several different parts, asked them to try a variety of different things and then when he was done with someone he would kindly excuse them.

I found it odd at first, because it was very different from what I was used to. But I started to love the energy and freedom it created, so I ran the auditions for Game Changers in the same way. I got to play around with the actors and do whatever I wanted. I would stop them in the middle of takes if I wasn’t feeling it or if I wanted them to try something else. I also gave the actors alot of context and direction, which gave them the opportunity to get comfortable and show me what they were capable of.

It was the most fun I had all year, here are some pics.

I’ve also learned that having an insurance policy can make or break access to locations. We’re going to be shooting most of the film in Tonawanda NY. Keller Insurance and Calamar are going to let us use there cubicles, offices and board rooms. We’ll also be shooting at the Tonawanda castle, North Tonawanda High School and several private residences.

Aside from that, my DP and I have been trying to focus on drafting a shooting schedule. I’ll try to post updates as often as I can, but I’m moving into principle photography, so I’m going to be very busy.

Stay Lovely!