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Naded on board

Over the last week I’ve been reaching out to the gaming community. Game Changers is about professional gamers, so it makes sense for me to appeal to that audience. I made contact with pro gamer Brett Leonard, who is more commonly known in the Halo community as “Naded“. Brett has been gaming professionally for over 7 years and has been a part of several historic Major League Gaming (MLG) teams. He and I spoke on the phone about Game Changers, his life as a professional gamer, and the possibility of working together on the film.

There are 2 scenes in Game Changers that take place at an MLG event. I wasn’t sure if I could get actual pro’s to make cameos in these scenes, but Brett said he’d be interested in making a cameo in the film. Having pro’s in the film isn’t a necessity, but I want to go that extra mile for fans of MLG and pro gaming. I know that I would appreciate it if I saw it, so I’m really excited to have Brett involved.

For me, it’s also very important to keep the vernacular of the film true. The problem is, I don’t know all the lingo. If a character say “One shot our dick rock” or “Sniping our pee shooter from ring two”, I need to make sure it makes sense to gamers. So Brett has agreed to be my liaison into the world of pro gaming, making sure that my dialogue is relevant and true.

You can find Naded online here:

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