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Telethon wrap up, Death Wing Challenge

In 1 day we managed to double our donations ending the campaign at $12,335. I want to thank everyone who participated in the telethon, the people who donated and the friends who came by to participate in the Dr. Mario Death Wing Challenge.

The rules were simple, five players each had four chances to beat my girlfriend, Holly Rounseville, at Dr. Mario. The person who lost the most games would be forced to eat the hottest chicken wing in Buffalo, the Death Wing, live during the broadcast.

So after an hour and a half and twenty straight games of Dr. Mario, nobody was able to beat my girlfriend! This sucked, I was positive that I wouldn’t have to eat one, I am particularly sensitive to hot sauce…

So now that the telethon is completed I’m shifting my focus. I’m putting the finishing touches on the script so that we can prepare for casting in June, and principle photography in August. Wish us luck!

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